Thursday, 22 June 2017

May Gibbs is back in town with the gumnut babies!

Okay, so not literally given that Australia's beloved children's author passed away in the 1960s.  But figuratively speaking for Domum Vindemia because I have finally re-stocked our range of much loved May Gibbs storybook buntings, which I first introduced back in 2014.

image bunting banner garland may gibbs gumnut babies domum vindemia etsy handmade counting numbers nursery decor

The alphabet bunting has been so popular that, as I write this blog post, the one that was in-store has sold out until I can get my hands on another of these out of print alphabet books.  But don't fret, there are still three other, yes THREE, May Gibbs buntings available in-store, an unprecedented number for us since they sell out very quickly.

image bunting banner garland may gibbs gumnut babies domum vindemia etsy handmade snugglepot and cuddlepie nursery decor

I am so honoured that my customers love the May Gibbs buntings so much, though I am not really surprised because who in their right mind could resist the adorable gumnut babies, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie?  I'd love to know if you're a huge May Gibbs fan like I am, and if you have a favourite gumnut babies story from your childhood?

image bunting banner garland may gibbs gumnut babies domum vindemia etsy handmade alphabet nursery decor

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Swizzle sticks and party tricks Jane Austen style

Just over a year ago, I introduced a range of literary cupcake toppers to Domum Vindemia.  These fun toppers come in a choice of three of Jane Austen's novels: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion.  I've been thrilled to see these heart-shaped toppers gracing gorgeous cupcakes at parties, and was urged to expand the range with more party supplies.

swizzle sticks cocktail stirrer jane austen pride and prejudice mr darcy domum vindemia etsy handmade party

Sooo, I have added to this whimsical range of party supplies by introducing literary swizzle sticks, perfect for adorning your favourite cocktail while discussing your faourite characters in literature!  To match the cupcake toppers, the swizzle sticks come in your choice of the three Austen novels mentioned above.  Which work would you choose, and what is your favourite cocktail?

swizzle sticks cocktail stirrer jane austen pride and prejudice mr darcy domum vindemia etsy handmade party

Thursday, 15 June 2017

A sneak peek at the Winter 2017 range featuring Mr Darcy!

At the moment I am feverishly working away at Two Cheeky Monkeys' upcoming winter 2017 range, which I am planning to launch at the start of July.  I know it will be officially MID-winter by then, but things have been so hectic here at Two Cheeky Monkeys HQ that I wasn't able to get the range ready for a June release date.

image earrings mr darcy jane austen pride and prejudice red flowers two cheeky monkeys winter 2017 range

However, today I am showing off a sneak peek at one of the new pieces in our winter range.  This new range will exclusively feature literary pieces, including favourite quotes from literature as well as favourite character and place names.  The earrings line will feature pieces that combine names from literature and gorgeous floral cabochons, such as the Mr Darcy earrings above.  So would you wear Mr Darcy on your ears?  Or are you more a Sherlock Holmes or Anne Shirley fan?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Little Women

Today's post is for the classic literature fans, especially those of you who have sisters and love Louisa May Alcott's Little Women.  Lately I've been so focussed on expanding my favourite ranges in Domum Vindemia that I've been neglecting Two Cheeky Monkeys a little bit.  So this is one step in my attempt to rectify that situation.

image little women quote locket sisters two cheeky monkeys handmade bookish literature

I first read Little Women when I was about eleven or twelve, and I think it's one of those classic stories that many have read and loved over the many centuries since it was first published.  Although the quote in this necklace doesn't come directly from Alcott's novel, it does come from the 1994 film version of her story and I believe it to be in character with something Jo March would have said to her sisters.

image little women quote locket sisters two cheeky monkeys handmade bookish literature

So what do you think?  Do you have a beloved sister (or two or three) who evoke this sentiment in your heart?  And do you have other favourite quotes from either the original novel or film and TV adaptations?

Thursday, 8 June 2017

More childhood favourites!

image little miss sunshine bunting mr men garland domum vindemia etsy handmade kids nursery

Yes, yes, yes, I am still happily adding new storybook buntings to Domum Vindemia!!!  This week I have re-stocked old favourites, The Jungle Book and Bambi, as well as adding to the Mr Men range in the form of a Little Miss Sunshine bunting.

image bambi bunting disney garland woodland domum vindemia etsy handmade kids nursery

I have a lot of fun sewing these buntings and deciding on which bias binding colour I'll use.  And, I have a tonne of fun re-reading these beloved stories that I grew up reading with my parents.  Which one is your favourite story?

image the jungle book bunting garland rudyard kipling disney domum vindemia etsy handmade kids nursery

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Chiffon cake recipe roundup

As you all know, I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and received some AMAZING gifts from my family.  As one of those gifts was my dream Kenwood stand mixer, the Two Cheeky Monkeys family has been merrily planning an assortment of cake, bread and pastry recipes we all want to try out!
So today I'm sharing a roundup of six delicious-looking chiffon cake recipes, all of which should be much easier to make now that I'm not using a dinky (but still reliable) handheld mixer.  Let me know which one is your favourite!

chiffon cake recipe roundup vanilla rose strawberries chocolate salted caramel pandon lemon orange

1. Vanilla rose chiffon cake from Belly Rumbles
2. Is it possible to resist John Whaite's chocolate and salted caramel chiffon cake?
3. Chiffon cake with strawberries and cream by Martha Stewart
4. If you have a flourishing lemon tree, try this lemon chiffon cake recipe over at Craftsy
5. My all time favourite from childhood, pandan chiffon cake
6. This orange chiffon cake is not just pretty, but delicious too

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Childhood Favourites

mr messy bunting mr men banner domum vindemia etsy handmade for kids children

You can probably tell from all of my recent bunting posts that I really can't get enough of turning old childhood favourites into gorgeous buntings for a new generation of little ones to enjoy!  This past fortnight I've been working on new buntings which were some of my personal favourites as a child, do let me know if you loved them too!

image blinky bill bunting banner koala australiana australia handmade domum vindemia etsy for kids

The Mr Men and Little Miss series were some of my favourite stories when I was a young child, and my two cheeky monkeys and my young nephew monkey love, love, love the series too.  And as an Aussie kid growing up in the 1980s, one could not grow up without having at least a passing affinity for Blinky Bill, the mischievous koala!  What are some of your childhood favourites?
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